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The Wolves are Calling US!

A wolf howls and most people listen with fear, some even grab their guns. It is the same old story -- "fear of the unknown"...

I respect and admire the intelligence of the wolf. Wolves are extremely family oriented, training and caring for their young with parenting expertise which could benefit many humans.

PLEASE learn about the wolves. They are in constant danger of being terminated because of all the myths and stories of terror carelessly passed around. Truth is, wolves avoid humans. They don't attack unless someone is considered a threat to their young, or have managed to put the wolf in a situation where it feels cornered or trapped.

The wolf families, that were reintroduced into the wilds of Yellowstone have made such a wondrous comeback, that they are no longer on the endangered list. People who took the time to learn the truth and spread the word, are the ones who caused this victory for the wolves of Yellowstone. Now wolves should be able to live their lives wild and free in their natural lands, and hopefully be around for our descendents to see in the years to come.

* Wolf Information:
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rec.outdoors.national-parks - for Yellowstone wolves only

Mexican Wolf

Dedicated to my sister, Billie Sue,
for our mutual love of the wolf.
(pic: Mom, Carol, Billie)
[In appreciation to Wolf Haven for this photo.]

North American Wolf Association

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