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Sunday Nov 25, 2007

Here it is Sunday morning and we have just had the 6 o'clock prayers. Friday Lucy took us to see more animals and to the giraffe center. then Saturday we visited with a new friend in Nairobi. I have invited her and Lucy to come for the Elim conference, that is if they can get visas.

In case you don't know, Kenya is having a presidential election with the voting to be Dec 27.
The president now has done a lot for Kenya and is a born again Christian, so all the Christians are praying for him to get it again.
However the other candidate is not a Christian, is into witchcraft, and is heavily involved with the Muslims. If he has his way, he will give the muslims control of the coastal part of Kenya, and have each tribe to stay in their allotted land.

What I really want to tell you is that this man has brought in a witch doctor from Tanzania who has come with a giant snake from which he says he gets his power. He says he has been paid a lot of money to stop Pres. Kibaki from getting back in office. He has been put up in a hotel and will stay here until the election is over. (All of this according to the news media..tv.) So I think witchcraft is at work here in Kenya.
Now for some shocking news... Barack Obama is from the same tribe, and part of Kenya, as this man... This has never been told to the Americans that I know of. Obama always appears to be sorta Christian, or at least I thought so. If he is anything like this man, then we must pray that he does not get into any part of our government. I have heard that his family on his Kenyan father's side is muslim. We don't need a muslim ruling our country.
The Christains here are all planning to fast at least one meal a day until elections day. So please pray for Kenya.

I have made contact with the Bishop in Nakuru and will go there either Dec. 9 or 16. I'll let you know how it goes. Nov 28-Dec 2, -- I am to speak one of these days, at a conference in Dogoretti, near Nairobi with Simon. Then Lydia has asked me to speak at something Dec 2. I am not sure just what I will do, yet.

Please continue to pray for me as I teach at these different places. I pray much for you and the family and the church.

With much love,

Letters from Africa

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