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Letters from Africa           
by Dr. Ann Weast           

Friday Nov. 23, 2007

Dear Family,
It was good to hear you yesterday even if I did disturb the dinner. I really had a spell of loneliness after hearing you. I wonder why I decided to come during all of the holidays. I guess it's the trying of the Lord.

As I told you earlier we returned home on Monday, and then on Tuesday we left for Masai Mara, a National Park located in Masai Land. I would have waited to go but Nancy was gung ho to go before she leaves Monday. It was an ok trip. We saw lots of wild animals and I took a few pictures. The best part was that I was able to have a picture taken with some Masai. You will like it. That gives me a small connection to the Masia Tribe. Now I am hoping for the opportunity to attend one of the churches.

We stayed in a camp and slept in a tent. The camp, (not the tent) did have a "flush toilet" as the guide told us, and also a shower with warm water. The water for the shower was heated in a barrel then piped to the shower. It was not quite primitive, but almost. I know I was afraid to go the toilet during the night. We did see the Lodge and the cabins there, and I would really like to stay there, but it probably cost a fortune. ...anyway I have had the experience... They did not tell us to bring towels, so we did not have a shower and we just slept in our clothes. We changed clothes in the morning... I was fortunate enough to have brought a flashlight or we would have been in the dark.....I thought about snakes..ugh

I guess I could tell you all this when I get home, but it makes you appear to be nearer as I am writing this.
We are going somewhere else today, all to be done before Nancy leaves. Then I am going to rest.
She is happy, she will be preaching this afternoon, then Sunday morning for Lucy, then in the afternoon for Lydia.
I believe I have made some good connections. I will know later. Everyone wants you and the boys to come. I think the next time I come it will be with you.
I love you and will send this when I get the chance. I am praying for all of you and the church.
With much love.


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