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Monday Nov 16, 2007

We just returned from taking Nancy to the airport and I realize I am alone in this country.. Lucy said, "You are not alone, you are with family." I am fighting against being homesick... when I am kept busy teaching, then I am ok and am happy doing my job, but when there is time to think, then I miss all of you. It is now 10pm so I'm off to bed.
With much love to all.
p.s. Be sure to keep me in prayer as I travel to these different places because it is not always safe on the roads, especially during December, and then there is the election thing that makes some people crazy. I know I am under God's protection.
Until later.

love ya....

Monday Nov. 19, 2007

Dear Family,

We just returned from Bungoma and was it a trip! We rode 3 hours back to Kisumu and I told Lydia I was "pushed, shoved, sat upon and crowded hip bone to hip bone." Then we were on the train until 7am. It would have been good except we were so cold we could not sleep.

Bungumo is in western Kenya which is Luhyaland. I was intoduced to the tribe of Luhyas. They are different from the Kikuyus. Even I could tell the difference, however they love the Lord and we had some good services with them. Besides visiting the church, we visited a small school.

Will write more when I am not so tired.

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