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November, 2007

Dear Family,

I was so happy to hear the boys' voices. I am missing them so very much. I can tell this is going to be a long trip...however there are many things planned so I will be busy.

Simon is having a 5 day conference and then I will be attending one with Lydia and I am expected to speak at both of them..Also there is a graduation where I am suppose to go as Lydia's "bishop" since dad is not here. I really need a blacksuit so I can look the part.

Tell Gabe and Vince I am very proud of them and thank God constantly for giving them to me...they are a special blessing to me.

I pray for Gabe that he will be able to get in control and I know he can because God has a special calling on him. Everyone misses him here. So tell him that I am praying and he will come up to standard. (You may have to explain that to him lol). Tell Vince that God had a special reason for sending him, also and I am so happy for his GT status. I miss them so much.

I will keep you posted on what is happening..like I said last Friday and Saturday were very bad..I had no strength or energy and even had to lay down in the back seat of the car as we waited for Lydia...I could not understand what was happening..and as some said they had never seen me like this...BUT praise be to God I felt the victory on Sunday and have been fine since then. I will continuely pray for you and the prayer warriors at church. Also there is a small church here that is praying for you and the church. I had forgotten but Beatrice reminded me that I had taught this little group on prayer and they really know how to pray.

We go for a meeting this afternoon and I will be teaching. I really need all of your prayers. I will bring you up todate on the Bungoma trip when we return next week. Give my love to all.

Wednesday Nov. 14, 2007
This is the beginning of a good day. We started with prayer and the African drum a little after 6 am I think. Anyway we prayed for about an hour. The trip to Bungoma has changed as we will not be going by car. We prayed for the trip which begins tonight when we catch the train at 7pm and should arrive in Kisumu tomorrow morning. From there we will take a matatu (van/bus). I pray God will anoint me to minister to those people whoever they may be, pastors or members.

I wish I could talk and tell you all this but I can't so hope I am not sending to many details.

Tell dad I miss him and Lydia definitely calls him her Bishop.

Just want you to know that you are prayed for every day by me and also Lydia never ceases to mention all of you when we are prayng together or even when she blesses the food. Give Chip my love.
love ya....

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