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Nov. 4 Sunday

Dear family,

whooooeeee we are exhausted..this has been a very long day. We left home at 9:30am and returned home at 6:30pm.

Nancy spoke first at the Kikuyu Church then she was taken to the Kiambaa Church where she preached again.I spoke at the Kikuyu Church and then Sis Beatrice and I prayed for quite a few people. I almost didn't make it to the last person. The churches are full. We were served food....eat,eat,eat! the main dishes are fried cabbage, rice and stew with potatoes, carrots and a little meat. I have eaten more vegatables lately than I have in ages. Sometimes there will be brown beans, not like our brown beans but ok.

After church we went on a wild ride to visit Pastors's daughter who is in a boarding school. It was at least an hour of the most rugged roads you can imagine. I can't begin to tell you how bad some of the roads are. They have some that are fairly good and are working on others.

The scenery was beautiful..we saw fields of coffee and beautiful trees in bloom...beauiful mountains and green valley..this is a beautiful country. Coming home the roads were full of people walking.

Now we have had a shower and are in bed but.........we must get up and go have some chia (tea).
More later.

We are still in the process of trying to decide how to get to Bungoma. It will be a 6 or 8 hour drive by car but even if we fly we will still have to drive 2 hours besides renting a car. Simon is checking out the roads for us and will call Michael to see what he has planned for meetings. Lydia is going with us. Also, Elena, a young lady from Germany will be with us.

We have not gotten to Lydia's to see the boys yet but she said that one of the goats has a baby. I'm ready to go there but have a meeting tonight. I think we will go Thursday.

I hope I am not sending too many details.

Thursday we are still at Bishop Simon's and are having a meeting this afternoon. Both of us will speak.

We have finalized out dates to go to Bungoma to visit with Michael. We leave here Nov 15 and return Nov 22. Lydia will be taking her car and we will have a driver. Please keep us in prayer as the roads are something else.

Judi, here is a list of the towns and churches where we have preached:
  1. Annointed Word Gospel Church- Garcharage-Ladies Fellowship
  2. Annointed Word Gospel Church-Garcharage-Regular service but with a wedding that was so exciting....(Sunday)
  3. Naiobi Primary School, downtown Nairobi--I taught a class and we spent the day there.(Monday)
  4. Village Home Meeting..Nancy preached ...(Wednesday)
  5. Full gospel Church-Kikuyu-Ladies meeting (Friday)
  6. Full Gospel Church Ladies District meeting...both of us spoke but I don't know where it was...(Saturday)
  7. Full Gospel Church -Kikuyu..both of us spoke(Sunday)
  8. Home meeting..I spoke (Monday)
  9. Full Gospel Church..Muguga..Both of us spoke..(Wednesday)
  10. Full Gospel...Ladies meeting..both of us will speak (Today, Thurs)
Tomorrow we go to Lydia's. Hopefull by Saturday I will have been able to send this to you. Tell Chip I wll try to call him soon. Give the boys my love and keep us in prayer. I am anxious to see how the prayer walk is doing. I believe that God will bless all of you that are taking part in it.

Dad, I am sorry to be so long winded cause I know you don't like reading so much.

Judi I will once again try to send you pictures.
Love to all,

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