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Wednesday Oct 31, 2007
Dear Family,
We will have a village meeting today at 3:00. Nancy will be teaching or preaching. She says she is a preacher and wants to minister. So this is her chance. After this we will meet friends at the Java House for a sandwich.
We meet downstairs every morning at 5am for prayer. I am getting accoustomed to it and now wake up at that time. The prayers have been good. I pray for each of you and all the grandkids.
We leave tomorrow to go to Simons and will return here Monday (I think).
I will try to keep a running record of what we are doing and when I get the opportunity will email it to you.
I am sorry Judi that I have not been able to send pictures. I have pictures everywhere in this computer except in the email. I can not find photo bucket. Do I have to be on line to find it? Usually when I am online we are ordering food or it has come...I told them last evening that Iwas not going to do that the next time we were at Java and I was online that I am going to sit by myself and do the internet.
We went to the village as I mentioned above and Nancy preached. We were in the home of a man from the Luyo tribe. It is their custom of showing honor to a person by giving them a live chicken. So guess what! The man presented me with a live dominecker hen. She is in Lucy's garage. I hope we are going to take her to Lucy's mother. I do not want to kill and eat her.
When he first said he wanted to give me a live hen, I thought he was joking and I said "well, I'll just give it back to you". But then Lucy explained to me about the custom and said he was honoring me. So this was a first for me.
We are waiting for Simon to come. More later

Thursday Nov 1: We arrived at Simons about 6pm. They are now living in their new home. It is rather nice and big...thank God for hot running water.

Friday Nov 2: There was a ladies's meeting at the Kikuyu church. Nancy gave a testimony and I taught a little lesson. The Spirit of the Lord was really there.

Saturday Nov 3: We went to some place on the outskirts of Nairobi to a church I had never been to.....there must have been about 100 women there. Nancy preached and I taught.
Simon and Beatrice preached, also. The service lasted until 4pm then they fed us. All we seem to ever do is eat,eat...they really believe in taking care of us.
To say the least the road was scarely a road...it was really bad. When we arrived home, we fell into bed, exhausted.
Now we are looking forward to tomorrow.
More later. I plan to start another letter so they won't be so long.
I love you and pray that all is going well. My love to all.
Mama Weast

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