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Letters from Africa           
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July 12, 2006

Dear Friend,
Greeting in the Name of Jesus:

I am sending you this update on my work in Kenya. I am asking that you please remember me in prayer as I do God's will in my life.This is an overview of the work in Africa and of our recent plans.

Project 1: I am working with a minister who has started a home for some street boys. These little boys are from about age 8 through maybe 14. Rev. Kamau started this home less that a year ago. The home needs to be completed and painted and beds bought. There are 10 little boys in the home now but when it is finished it will care for 40 boys. I want to purchse a dairy goat which will help provide milk. A goat costs $300.00. Also I hope to take money to buy rice and beans. I plan to take enough money about $80.00 which will pay for each little boy to have a new pair of shoes from the shoe factory.

Project 2: We are helping to establish a church and hope to later start a bible school.
There is such a need for the Gospel to be taught. This church is pastored by a native pastor. The church was doing great and building a church when problems arose with the land so they had to leave the unfinished building and begin in another place.

I visited this church in Feburary along with Evanglist Charlie Delgadillo. They were meeting in a school and had about 30 people. I took money given by the New Covenant Church in Rose City, Texas to buy chairs. They have 70 chairs now. The last Sunday there were over 100 adults and more than 100 children. This was an open air meeting so many people were sitting on the grass. Since the school room is much too small, they are presently meeting under a tent. They also need more chairs.

Now we are raising money to buy land so a church building can be built. Land is very expensive but we are believing God to meet this need. Most of the people in this village have been converted. Praise God!

Today I spoke with Lucy and received an update on the Anointed Word Church. They are in the process of getting a contract on a parcel of land for the new church. They have also started a bible school with an experienced instructor and three students. The Lord is blessing them. Last Sunday ten new families were added to the church.

I have applied for tickets for the trip into Zambia where Rev. Nancy Chalker and I will be speaking at a pastors' conference. From there we will be going to Kenya to visit and minister in different churches for about ten days. We ask that you remember us in prayer during this time. We plan to leave August 23 and return to the U.S. September 12.

We love and appreciate you.
In God's Service,
Dr. Ann Weast
NOTE: Many prayers have been answered... God's blessings are abundant. Praise God! Thank you, Lord!
We were blessed with means to furnish:
  • 2 goats
  • Shoes for the boys
  • Chairs for the meetings
  • Clothing for the students

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