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We take a 3 Day Vacation!
June 5, 2011

We returned to Kikuyu to the Gitonga home but left the next morning for Westlands in Nairobi. Tuesday morning we left early for Maasai Mara.

The road to Maasai Mara is a new highway and I was thinking to tell Chip about how different it is now than when he was here, when we made a left hand turn and ,wow, we were back on the old road I remembered. It was a rough, bumpy road for the next 3 or 4 hours.

We arrived at the Sopa Lodge and ate lunch. After a little rest, we were taken for a 3 hour drive thru the park. We saw many animals and were blessed to see 2 cheetas and a leopard. Sometimes it is hard to see the big cats. Pastor Phyllis, who had gone with us, Becky and Gabe were busy snapping pictures.

We finally returned to the lodge around 7pm. I went to bed immediately. I was past tired and my knees were hurting. Can you imagine that I had forgotten to bring my meds?

Becky, Gabe and Phyllis went to dinner, returning around 9 pm with food for me. We finally settled down for the night.

Everyone was dressed by 6:30 am and they went to breakfast. Afterwards they left for the day of driving around the park. The lodge prepared a packed lunch for them. I remained at the lodge, still surviving by resting and sleeping.

When we arrived, our rooms were so far from the lodge. I had much trouble walking that long distance. Since the lodge was full, nothing could be done that night but the next morning we would be moved.

They moved us into 2 suites!

I am waiting for the gang to return to find out what animals they saw. I hope they see some lions. I feel much better. Thank the Lord!

They returned at 7 pm having spent the whole days (12 hours) in the park. They saw many kinds of animals, including a pride of lions. Each had stories to tell about the awsome experiences of the day.

We went to the dinning hall for dinner. During dinner, the waiters led by a Maasai man, circled the dining hall singing something in Kiswahili. He was carrying a birthday cake or so we thought since there were lit birthday candles on the cake. We kept watching to see who the birthday person was when they circled around and stopped at our table. He placed the cake in front of me.

He whispered to me,"I know its not your birthday but we wanted to give you this cake to say, "Kwaheri (good-by) and Karibu Tena (welcome again).

SHOCKED! Would not describe how I felt. I was speechless!

I shared the cake with two couples, one who was from Holland. What an experience! God has blessed me so much.

Thursday morning we ate breakfast, told everyone good-by and began the 6 hour trip home. I thank God for a safe trip home. We ate then went to bed, very tired.

We are now waiting to see what will happen next.

Dr. Ann Weast

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