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May 13, 2011

Greetings in the Name of Jesus:

Today is Friday...I think. May 13, 2011

Wednesday we left and went to see Karen. If you have seen the movie "Out of Africa" you will know this is the lady in the movie. The movie is about her life here with the Kikuyu tribe. Most of my friends here are Kikuyus. My friend, Florence is the principal of the Meredian Girls School there.

We spent a couple of nights with her. She took us to the Nairobi Primary School to visit my friend Rebecca, who is the Head Mistress there. I really enjoyed visiting with these friends.

Today we went to the Kibers slums. This is the largest slum in East Africa. We had met a lady Sunday who has a school located there. She not only has teachers to teach them but she also feeds them. Many have no food except what they get at school. Her name is Margaret and she invited us to come see her project. After parking the car we walked a very long way thru the slum. It was almost to much for me. Not only was it a long way but it was very hot. They finally found a chair for me while Bishop went and got the car. I guess I am not as young as I think...lol.

Rebecca enjoyed being with the children, especially the younger ones. They would hardly let her go.

We then went to Margaret's house where she provided us with a lovely dinner. They have a beautiful home. Her husband is a Professor at the Nairobi University. She has been called to work with the children in the slums. She has 250 children with a waiting list. Please pray for her SOMI (Slum Outreach Ministries International) Project.

We all came home, took a shower and now are resting. I will send this later tonight when I can get on the internet.

Love to everyone. Thanks for your prayers.
Dr. Ann Weast

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