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Friday May 6, 2011

It has rained every night. I think this might be the rainy season.

We went into town today to exchange money. This is the best rate I have ever gotten. It is 81.5....before I had only gotten in the 70's. Prices have risen since I was here....the petro is higher than in the US.

We went to Village Market and had lunch. We ate a chicken sandwich but Becky ordered a steak. If she had asked I would have told her "that steaks here are not like those at home." Of course, she found out! This is where the American Embassy is located and all kinds of embassies are there......so it is expensive. Needless to say we probably won't be eating there again.

Rebecca and Gabriel took lots of pictures of the scenery. She is enjoying this country as much as I do.

Tomorrow may be a rest day as we have a heavy schedule Sunday.

Sunday May 8...Mother's Day

We were up at 8am....having not slept again. I do not understand why we are having so much trouble sleeping....hopefully tonight we will sleep. It is 8:45 pm here and 12:45 pm there.

We were at Kikuyu Church by 9:30. I ministered for the first session. Rebecca greeted the congregation. We were then taken to the Kiamba church for the second session. I really like this church. It was the first church I visited in Kenya. I met the new pastor. After the service we were served a meal. We arrived home around 3pm.

Rebecca had a great time with the children.

Bishop and I are in the process of planning my stay here.

Monday May 9, 2011

This morning we went for an outing. We went to the Elephant Orphange. It is so interesting to observe these baby elephants. They also had a couple of baby rhinos. Then we went to the Nairobi Animal orphanage. There all kinds of little animals there...far too many for me to walk and observe. I found a rest area and enjoyed sitting.

Bishop and Sis Beatrice , Gabe and Becky toured the complete facilities. They took many pictures and enjoyed it very much. I was happy that they had this opportunity. Later we stopped for Lunch. Gabe ordered half chicken...he was starving, I guess. I finally got a black currant drink, which is one of my favorite drinks.

We finally arrived home around 4:30, tired but happy. This is actually the rest day for the pastors but they did not rest today.

Love to everyone. Thanks for your prayers.
Dr. Ann Weast, Rebecca, and Gabriel

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