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The following is my recipe for a 4 lb batch of soap.


1 pound palm oil

1 pound coconut oil

2 pounds 100% pure olive oil (not light, not virgin, not pomace)

24 ounces of liquid (water or herbal tea)

between 8.8 and 9.2 ounces of red devil lye found in supermarkets

2 ounces essential or fragrance oil

plastic container to use for mixing the lye and water

plastic container large enough to hold the oils and lye

plastic mixing utensil

A strong shoe box lined with plastic would be a good mold for a 4 lb batch.

Use the lye calculator at
(look under services)
Use their basic soap making instructions. (You can buy your oils from this company.)

I buy my fragrance and essential oils from

This is a family owned and operated mint farm. The food grade essential mint oils are strong and wonderful and the family has just recently introduced other essential and fragrance oils at reasonable prices.

After the soap has traced and you pour it into your mold, cover it with blankets and keep it warm for 2 or 3 days. Release from mold and cut into usable shapes and let it sit with air circulation for about 3 weeks or more.

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