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PePPeR from TEXAS - April 6

Howdy Ya'll. This is Pepper from TEXAS. I just had to sneak on in here to drop ya'll a line or two cause today I am sorely aggrieved. I have my craw full and just had to tell someone about what's bothering me.

First of all, I guess I have to complain about MA. Dang it, but it seems that whatever I do she takes exception to. For instance, if I jump on the kitchen counter just to see what's for dinner (hoping against hope that it's not BBQ) Ma gets mad at me and runs me off. If I try to go outside to play with Kitty, Ma squirts me with a water bottle. Let me tell you, I am not about to run outside all WET and let Kitty see me in that shape. A feline does have his pride after all. Why MA thinks I have to have a bath before visiting Kitty, I'll never know. Afterall, I groom myself everyday like a feline should.

I may happen to be in a playful mood, so there I am bouncing from chair to couch to floor. Ya'll understand how we felines play. Well, Ma gets upset. How was I suppose to know that that hairy critter I saw peaking over the couch was her hair.

If Ma would make sure I had fresh water in my bowl last thing every night, well, I wouldn't have to go drink out of her water glass on her bed side table during the night. She has no appreciation for the fact that felines have wants too. I mean I can get desperate so I go check out the Dog's water bowl. That great slobbering beast can really slime up a good bowl of water. Yuck!

Well now, I guess just telling ya'll about my problems has made me feel better. Being a feline, I'll have to be more patient with my humans. After all humans just aren't at our level of intelligence and we should make allowances for them. We may be felines but we aren't saints so occasionally I do get tired of some of their shenanigans. You know the old saying about you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Well, I know for a fact that you can teach humans, so I had better get to work.

Thanks Ya'll for being a sounding board.

Purrs to all,
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Pepper from TEXAS

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