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Pepper from TEXAS March 25

Howdy Ya'll. Got a few minutes until dinner. BBQ again, of course. I managed to slip outside yesterday for a short while and the weather here in Cypress, TEXAS is beautiful. My main female human ran around with me in the yard for a while until she got too tired. So I just played with the outdoor feline named Kitty. Kitty and I had a very satisfying romp under the pine trees, until I wandered just a bit too far.

Let me tell you, there are some scary critters out there. My humans have three cows out in the pasture and one of those hugh bovines dang near stepped on me. If I hadn't been quick on my feet, well, I guess you could say I would have been road-kill (dirt road) for sure.

I took shelter in the neighbors shed, where those humans keep their outdoor machines. I ran under a tractor with a bush-hog attached to it. Course, at first I didn't realize what it was being dark under there and all. I looked up and there were the most wicked lookin metal blades hanging over my poor attached head. I got my feline butt outta there quicker than greased lighting. My main human had been calling for me for a while, so I did her the favor of going home to dinner.

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to catch a breathe of fresh air every now and then. Smokey thought she wanted to take a walk outside today, but I talked her out of it. That feline is too plump to be very light on her feet and she could sure get in trouble out there. Besides, royalty doesn't know how to deal with day-to-day problems which face most ordinary felines.

The dog, Buddy, well he gets to go outside all the time with the the main female human (I call her MA). I sure get upset when he's out of my sight. That dog is just too stupid to be outside without me. I am never so relieved as to when he comes back in safe and sound.

Well, so much for yesterday's adventure for a feline in TEXAS. Catcha later Ya'll.

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Pepper in TEXAS.

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