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Pepper from TEXAS

My name's pepper, and I'm from TEXAS. Thought I would drop a line and let y'all know what cats in TEXAS have to put up with.

Well, I do have my own humans, of course. Being TEXAS humans, they can be a bit strange about things. For instance, they always Bar-Be-Cue my food. They turn good raw meat into a soft, sauce topped, burnt offering... especially if the cook is drinking beer. It's disgusting for a poor feline to even think about eating such a mess.

Not only do I have problems with my humans cooking my food, but they also have a DOG. Course now, Buddy (that's his name) is my house-mate and friend. Pathetic isn't it; but what is a feline to do when you are locked up in the same house all the time? There is such a thing as being too independent. Besides, the poor dog would go crazy without me. My humans run off all the time leaving Buddy locked up in a room. However, I go let him out so he doesn't get lonely without me. Dogs are so silly.

I guess I should mention that there is another feline in the house too. Smokey, or I should say Queen Smokey. She's a lot older than me and is somewhat slightly plump. So she just sits around lording it over the riff-raff. Namely, me. My vet said she has Italian cat in her, whatever that means. Personally, she thinks she is Italian Royalty and won't have anything to do with a lowly TEXAS cat, even though she was born here.

So much for my personal problems. Lordy, I could go on and on about the trials and tribulations of being a TEXAS feline. Maybe another time. I hear my humans at the door and I have to go let them in or they'll get upset. It's tough being a TEXAS cat, but I survive. Gotta go y'all.

Purrs to all y'all,
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Pepper from TEXAS
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