Favorite E-journeys...

It's very difficult to choose a "small" listing of favorites. Everything I bookmark, and put on my Web site is something I like, or has some good information, or was something asked for by someone. I don't know how to find the "greatest of greats", but I know I spend many hours just about every day going through google, hotbot, yahoo, and various other search engines. Most of the good ones are actually stumbled upon... and I do have my "off days"... I get many favs from kids, but anyone sending in links will be considered for addition to my pages... so, if you know of anything you think is "great", please let me know. Also, drop me a line if you have any questions -- or answers!

   "May you never tire before your curiosity is quenched."

My Favs:
US Navy - The Aircraft Carriers
USS Enterprise CV-6 - most decorated ship of the 2nd WW
A Message to Garcia - from TailWins
American Memory Historial Collections from the National Digital Library
Astronomy Picture of the Day
BBC News
Castles of Wales
CNN - Science and Technology
Drudge Report - Mega News links
Gold Mine Tour
Health World
History Central, WWW-VL
Houston Chronicle
Hubble Space Telescope Images
The Hummingbird Web Site
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream - photos & videos :)
Louisiana History Teacher
MoJo Wire - Mother Jones
Motherboard HomeWorld
My Virtual Reference Desk
Mysterious Places
National Geographic
PC Magazine
Echo Station
TheForce.net - Your Daily Dose of Star Wars
Storytellers: Native American Authors
Techno All
Terraquest Expeditions
Tom's Hardware Guide
Travels with Daniel
Voice of the Shuttle
Volcano World
Voyage to Another Universe
Washington Post
Web Developers Virtual Library
Web Travel Review
Wild Rockies Slate
Wild Egypt
Will Rogers
Winnie The Pooh
WWW Virtual Library

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