KidSurfer Kimberlee's Essay

What my family means to me
from a kid with only one parent in my family.

I see my dad giving up a lot of things to provide and take care of us. He gets up very early every day to get us going. He makes sure we bathe and brush our teeth every morning. He makes sure we have everything we need for school and gets us there on time. He works hard all day and sometimes on the weekends but still makes time to spend with us. He picks us up from school everyday. When we get home he helps us with our homework. He cooks dinner,and he lets me help. When dinner is done and dishes are put away our teeth are brushed and we are tucked in bed. My dad is still working. He is washing clothes and cleaning the house sometimes untill late at night. He helps my brother practice sports he helps me with piano lessons and he coaches my little sisters softball team. You ask me what my family means to me. It means love.

Written By Kimberlee Crabtree

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by Kimberlee Reannee Crabtree

It was a week before Christmas, and Trey and Erin were worried about if their father was going to enjoy Christmas like they do every year. Their father was going to be working in Canada. This would be their first year with out their father.

The next day Trey and Erin tried to call him on the phone, but could not get a hold of him. Their parents had been separated for two years, so they would be with their father on Christmas day, and be with their mother Christmas eve.

Trey and Erin were going to try and get their parents together on Christmas day. They already had a plan. When their mother goes to drop them off at their fathers house they will see each other one more time.

The phone rings its their Grandma. She said that their father might not be able to be there for Christmas. They had to make up a new plan. They thought if he was in Canada today, he would be in Kansas tomorrow. So maybe, just maybe they could beg their mother to let them go visit their Grandma. Because if he stops in to see Grandma, they will meet.

The next day they went to their Grandma's house. Then they heard someone pull up in the drive. It was their father. Their mother and fathers eyes met and they fell in love again. Trey and Erin don't think that their plan worked. But they thought it was a miracle.

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