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Hi, my name's Jennifer and I just got done reading this book called "George's Marvelous Medicine" and it's about how George is alone with Grandmother and the most horrid thing happened. Grandmother started to talk about nasty bugs and grotty things like that. George started to wonder if Grandmother was a witch. He finds out that at the end! Oh, and by the way George makes a special medicine to make Grandmother ________??? (Find that out when you read this book.)
Good bye. Jennifer, age 8

Hi, remember me from George's Marvelous Medicine?" Will if you didn't read that one, my name's Jennifer and this time I'm telling you about "Nothing Fair In Fifth Grade." It's about how Sharen, Diane and Jennifer tease a new girl named Elsie. Jennifer gives into Elsie in the end of the story, but at first Elsie steals the lunch money to buy snakes! You should read this story when you have a chance.
Good bye, Jennifer, age 8

Hi, it's Jennifer again. I just read "The Cat In The Hat". This book is about how two children are sitting at home bored as pumpkins. All of the sudden they hear a bug! They turn their heads and saw The Cat in the Hat! The Cat in the Hat does a lot of silly things. There day becomes fun! But then the house is very messy and they hear theie parents coming home. What will they do with that mess? Find that out when you read this book.
Good bye, Jennifer, age 8

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