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link to Crocodile and Alligator sites

In Sulphur, Louisiana (where I graduated WWLewis Middle School and Sulphur High School) the Creole Nature Trail begins. You can follow it south (hwy 27) through Hackberry, and end up at Holly Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. You usually see a lot of birds (sea gulls, herons, egrets, pelicans), Nutria, Fire Ants, snapping turtles, crabs, shrimp, and dolphins... and you can see alligators crossing the road sometimes. (Yes, for real!)
Louisiana has many Swamps full of wildlife. Louisiana has great crawfish that are really good to eat! -- AND sometimes Louisiana has Hurricanes!
(Here are some more Louisiana sites. Snowi


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Dino Hunt-- (Card game)
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San Diego Zoo
Animal Sounds Library
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National Geographic Kids
Field Museum of Natural History
Egypt-- (history & good photos)
Josh's Cool Castle Page
Exploratorium's Science of Cycling
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Flagstaff History for kids
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