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HECKHAVEN WILDLIFE REHABILITATION CENTER'S sole purpose is to release back into the wild, their natural environment, any and all wild born creatures which find themselves in the hands of man.

Ferret The CENTER will take in any animals (except dogs or cats) that have been orphaned or injured. HECKHAVEN takes in over 1000 animals a year.

Most American wildlife is protected by both State and Federal laws. The mere harassing of certain wildlife is considered a felony crime and can lead to large fines and even imprisonment. HECKHAVEN carries both State and Federal Rehabilitation permits.

LOUISIANA is called the "Sportsman's Paradise." In order to keep this distinction and the tourism it attracts, we must protect and nurture our furred, finned, and feathered neighbors. Pollution, indiscriminate building and land stripping, and hunting overkill are their, AND OUR, worst enemies.

Raccoon Babies
is a 501(c) non-profit, non-government funded, totally self-supported Agency, relying on public donations and out-of-pocket contributions.

HECKHAVEN WILDLIFE REHABILITATION CENTER relies on donations. Please check-out our WebPage about Adoption and our information WebPages. Your generosity makes our purpose possible. Owl

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