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Clarkstown High
Clarkstown High School Class of 1958


Co-Editors:   Sandra Dudan, Barbara LaBrake

Advertising Editor:   Arthur Ashe

Circulation Editor:   Barbara Strandberg

Club Editor:   Elizabeth Koster

Literary Editor:   Penny Vaughan

Photography Editor:   Neils Favre

Sports Editor:   Robert Murray

Stastical Editor:     Nancy Omland

Miss Clark, Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. Lucca, B. LaBrake, B. Albrecht, R. Milano, A. Koch, M.MacDonnell, H. Bickmore, V. Watkins, C. Doig, E. Greenrose, D. Buglione, B. Engelke, I. McCutcheon, G. Gilmour, E. Snyder, J. Wyman, J. Harring, E. Soroc, D. Griffin, F. Moller, T. Coyle, E. Hoffman, G. Hammer, M. Batzold, A. Freeman, M. Snyder, B. Ellard, A. Jacquot, B. Miller, J. Soutar, L. Murray

Social Headlines of
Our Completed Towers

On September 7, 1954, with our foundation set at Clarkstown Jr-Sr High School, we set out to strengthen our towers with a well-rounded social, as well as, educational calendar. The Freshman officers were Edwin Hoffman, President; Judy Wyman, Vice-President; Toni Guelich, Secretary; and Terrance Coyle, Treasurer. Our social headline for the first year, '54-'55, was the Freshman Fever Dance.
The second year, '55-'56, was a little easier, as we were more acquainted with the terrain. With our architects re-elected for a second term, with the addition of Judy Roscoe as Secretary, we realized that we were able to build together as a team. The leading social activity of the Sophomore year proved to be the Sophomore Swing.
In the year '56-'57, now well on the way to success in completing the growing towers, our excellent class officers were re-elected for a third term, with Maryann Snyder as our new Vice-President. The Autumn Leaves Dance started off our advancing social year; cake sales, and the Green Door Dance, with the spectacular Zambesi Trio followed. On May 24, we sponsored our most unforgettable Junior Prom, that was held at the Empire Country Club. The buffet supper and dancing to the music of Dr. Carney's band made the evening memorable. our King and Queen, Daniel Bittman and Barbara Strandberg, reigned supreme over our "Moonglo Kingdom."
The fourth and final year, and the completion of our towers here at Clarkstown, began on September 4, 1957. Our President Edwin Hoffman and Treasurer, Terrance Coyle, were re-elected to serve us for our final term, with the additions of Diane Buglione as Vice-President, and Judy Wyman as Secretary. The Magazine Campaign, under the direction of our Co-Chairmen, Penny Vaughan and Sandra Dudan, and the cooperation of the entire school, proved a colossal success - our biggest business venture of the school year. Our production, the Senior Play "Kiss and Tell" was a blazing and hilarious success, under the excellent direction of Mr. Naismith and Mr. Travaglini.
These were the trimmings on our towers.
The class trip to the United Nations was educational as well as pleasurable.
Our Senior Dances, Snowflake Fantasy and the Bunny Hop, were gaiety to the utmost.
Cake sales, held in the cafeteria, brought many added dollars to our treasury.
Graduation, our final, yet serious, step in our calendar has arrived to complete our towers, socially and educationally.
Through our experiences here at Clarkstown, we have gained a better understanding of life, responsibility, and the future, helping us to walk a smoother road, and making our next challenge less strenuous.

The Senior Play

Directed by: Mr. Fred Travaglini, Mr. James Naismith


J. Raymond, J. Wyman, J. Haring, I. McCutcheon, C. Syvarth, L. Murray, C. Doig, J. deRopp, B. Henry, T. Rossi, R. DeGaris, P. Nemeroff, E. Allard, R. Itkin, W. Shea


L. Bottoroff, A. Jacquot, G. Gilmour, J. Roscoe, M. Snyder, B. Englke, N. Omland, M. Batzold, G. Hammer, E. Koster, D. Griffin, M. MacDonnell, R. Fabis, R. Flair, R. Fritz, F. Moller, R. Milano, N. Favre, R. Duryea, R. Murray, T. Lutz, J. Miller


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SAGA, Clarkstown High School Class of 1958

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