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Clarkstown High
Clarkstown High School Class of 1958

45th Reunion

Reunion Photo

Our Reunion dinner was Monday, September 15, 2003 at the Las Vegas Club Casino & Hotel (downtown Las Vegas, Nevada)

I just want to say that a great time was had by all! Tim and Sandy Chamberlain came from Arizona. Tim won $250. Joanne Hogan Houseman, from New City brought her cousin Gail. Hennessey from Tappan; Jim De Ropp, his wife Diane joined us on Wednesday... it was great meeting her. Jim had more jokes... he kept us all in stitches. He should be on stage. Neil and Liz Favre came from Cap May NJ, where they have a bed and breakfast. Toni Guelick Schaper came from Missouri, Georette Hammer Everhart came from San Diego, CA. she had a great time; should have had more reunions. Maryann MacDonnell Cox and her husband Ozel came from Rockport, Texas. Nancy Christ Moulder and her husband Jerry came from Arizona. Iris Allard was there and present as always her brother Ed, with a friend. Carol Syvarth Fabis was there and brought her 3 daughters so they could meet some of their father's classmates. June Raymond Tripp with her wonderful smile came from Arkansas. I told her next time she is to bring Boyd her husband. Millie and Charlie Peterson was there. Charlie is the old man of the group and we love both of them dearly. Bill and Barbara Shea we there from Florida. They met their son and his girlfriend in Las Vegas. The next reunion will be closer; the cruise out of Florida. Jim nelson came from Newport. We loved seeing him. If you need legal advise, call Jim... he is our attorney. And then there is lovable Bruce Von Elton who kept ribbing me that my list was incomplete. I can not be good at everything. My sister Diana Gaglione Forde came as my guest. She had a great time, and wants to come on the cruise. Some of the classmates went to see some shows. They really enjoy them, and enjoyed being down town; everything was there. In two years we will all be 65 and we are planning to take a cruise out of Florida. There were 28 people at the reunion. The one who came the farthest was Ginny Watkins Butler who came from Cape Cod.


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45th Reunion, Class of 1958 Clarkstown High School, New City, New York

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