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Clarkstown High
Clarkstown High School Class of 1958


25th Championship Soccer

James Nelson, Fred Moller, Dennis Poszar, Charles Smith, William Ostrom, Thomas Fenton, Michael Sosnowich, John Warriner, William Sheldon, Paul Itkin, James Vellane, Alan Ritt

The 1957 Clarkstown soccer team took our 25th Soccer Championship by downing Nyack in the last game of the season. Although slow to start, they came through in fine fashion toward the end of the season. As usual, Coach Tacchino did a splendid job of coaching.


CHS 2,   Spring Valley 2
CHS 0,   Nyack 4
CHS 6,   Pearl River 0
CHS 6,   Spring Valley 0
CHS 7,   Pearl River 0
CHS 6,   Nyack 3


Co-Captains: Denny Pozar and Chuck Smith
W. Marino, R. Cesca, F. Moller, J. Vellane, D. Pozar, C. Smith, A. Ritt, W. Sheldon, K. Muise, C. Gibbons, W. Ostrom, J. Nelson, T. Fenton, J. Warringer, P, Itkin, R. Fair, W. Fisher, T. McCarthy, R. Festa, J. Dean, J. Galgano, P. Svahn, R. Lyons, J. Anderson, J. Golden, T. O'Mara, D. Pratt, J. Lindenberger, M. Griffin, R. Cook, R. Burkaw, K. Omland, B. Olson, G. Roscoe, C. Siewert, D. Hescheles, R. Collins, W. Hollands, S. Babcock, L. Kincaid, J. Kraft, W. Prihoda, C. Rickli, C. Swartwout, S. Warriner, R. Martin


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