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Clarkstown High
Clarkstown High School Class of 1958

Administration and Faculty

Board of Estimates
Our Board of Eduation

President:     Hugo Robus
Vice-President:     Edna Rose
Clerk:     Norman Baker
    Dean B. Seifried
    Charles House
    Marjorie Van Ness
    Franklin Steinberger
    Francis Mascola

Mayor Felix Festa
Deputy Mayors: Dr. Stuart Binion, Dr. Frank Bolander

City Council

President:     Mr. Vincent Festa
Vice-President:     Mr. Anthony Farron


Art Department

Jo-Ann House - Junior High Art; Dancing Club
Diana Lucca - Head of Art Department; Senior High Art; Junior and Senior Poster Club; Saga Advisor

Music Department

Edward Carney - Head of Music Department; Sophisticated Swingsters, Jr and Sr High Chamber Orchestra, Senior High Music
John Hemmingford - Junior High Music, Band, Chorus, Rhythmaires

Homemaking Department

Margaret Dewar - Head of Homemaking Department; Senior High Homemaking, Future Homemakers of America
Marlene Wilhelm - Junior High Homemaking; Junior Hostess Club
Eunice Reynolds - Dietician; Cafeteria Manager

English Department

Patrick Malloy - Senior High Citizenship Education; Honor Society; Directory of Public Relations Research Materials for Gifted; Creative Writing
David Anderson - Jr High English; Radio Club
George Blake - Jr and Sr High English; Twirlers
Fred Travaglini - Sr High English; Rod and Gun Club; Dramatics
James Naismith - Jr High English; Dramatics Club
Frederick Gritmon - Jr High English; Ram's Horn; Remedial Reading
Eugenia Porretta - Sr High English; Cue'n Curtin Club
Margaret Keesey - Jr High English; Reading Club; Remedial Reading
Martha Brooks - Jr High English; Jr High Math; Treasurer of G.O. Store
Ellen Clark - Head of English Department; Sr High English; Saga Advisor
Janet Sargent - Jr High English; Senior High Citizenship Education; Dancing Club
Dorothea Petty - Jr High English; General Language

Commercial Department

Donald Lynch - Business Arithmetic; Business Law; Bookkeeping
Valentine Krynicky - Shorthand and Transcription; Typing I
Cecelia McCarthy - Head of Commercial Department; Shorthand I, Academic Typing, Secretarial Practice, Saga Advisor
Janice Meier - General Business; 7th Business; Typing I

Language Department

Luz Kirkland - Spanish, Spanish Club
Mary Marshall - Head of Language Department; Latin, French, French Club
Jeanne Varin - French I & II, Spanish I, Stamp Club
Dorothea Petty - General Language, Jr High English

Citizenship Education

Patrick Malloy - Senior High Citizenship Education; Honor Society; Directory of Public Relations Research Materials for Gifted; Creative Writing
Janet Sargent - Jr High English; Senior High Citizenship Education; Dancing Club
Morris Donn - Head of Citizenship Education Dept; Sr High History, G.O. Advisor
LeRoy Conklin - Jr High Citizenship Education; Rod and Gun Club
William Carroll - Sr High Citizenship Education; Scholarship Club
Edward J. McGrath - Jr and Sr High Citizenship Eduation; JV Soccer, Varsity basketball
Schuyler Deane - Jr High Citizenship Education; JV Football
Ronald Becraft - Jr High Citizenship Education; Rod and Gun Club
Constantine Cristos - Jr High Citizenship Edcuation

Guidance Department

Marguerite Geyh - Guidance Counselor
Virginia Kajan - Guidance; 7th Heaven Orientation
Harold Malkind - Jr High Math; 8th Grade Math Club
Richard DeForest - Guidance Coordinator

Science Department

Richard Kunemund - Jr High Science, Physics, Photo Developing Club
Lloyd Clum - Junior & Senior High Science, Chess Club
Elinor Widrow - Jr High Science, Discussion Club
Esther Tuck - Sr High Science, Lab, Techniques Club
William Kerr - Jr High Science, Dancing Club
James Hession - Jr High Science, JV Football
Eleanor Fitch - Head of Science Department, Sr High Science, Living Lab Club

Mathematics Department

Raymond Roberts - Head of Mathematics Department, Jr & Sr Math, Chess Club
Martha Brooks - Jr High English, Jr High Math, Treasurer of G.O. Store
Antoinette Martz - Jr High Math
Elizabeth Hicks - Jr & Sr Math, Jr and Sr Ski Club
Diana Gura - Jr High Math
Harold Malking - Jr High Math; 8th Grade Math Club

Physical Education

Joseph Tacchino - Head of Physical Education, Physical Education, Varsity Soccer
Mary Sproat - Physical Education, Girls' Athletic Association
Edward Holenko - Physical Education, Varsity Football

Driver Training

Charles Eccher - Driver Education, Rod and Gun Club, Wrestling


Anthony Castelli - Industrial Drafting
Gerald Armstrong - Office Practice

Industrial Arts

Peter Marchak - Head of Industrial Arts Department, Industrial Arts, Printing Club
Gilbert Parker - Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club


Hazel Ellsworth - Head Librarian, Library Club
Priscilla McGuire - Librarian, Junior and Senior Library

Health Department

Dr. Emile Busicchi - School Physician
Margaret Mullins - School Nurse, Nurses' Club, Health Class

Clerical Staff

Mrs. Helen Schaffauser, Mrs. Terese Sidoli, Mrs. Phoebe McKee
Mrs. Agnes Garri, Loretta Pelzar, Mrs. Nicky Bellis
Mrs. Edith Dreeland, Mrs. Sall O'Toole, Mrs. Audrey Raggi

Bus Drivers

James Cropsey, John Riley, Oscar Dusenbery
Arthur Johnston, William Lemon, George Brownsell, David Stone

Cafeteria Personnel

Gertrude Asheim, Andree DeVarenne
Geraldine Fay, Edna Albrecht, Agnes Steen


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Administration and Faculty, Clarkstown High School Class of 1958

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